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Want to unlock more
homes in your city?

Allihoop is an integrated designer & operator for urban real-estate.

Our community-centric design optimizes floor plans, programming and interiors to create outstanding experiences while delivering superior returns.

Pioneering End to End Service 

Our end-to-end service unlocks the untapped revenue potential of our partner's buildings and asset value. 

Our space design optimizes for comfort, efficiency and experience and is supported by processes and technology that make the place run hassle-free. 




Lease Property


Redesign & Furnish

Manage Operations


What We Offer

It starts with us drawing up what your space could do for you with a coliving configuration.

If needed, we upgrade the space; then we lease the whole or parts. Once furnished, we make it available for our members, manage all operations related to residents and support the community.

All legal aspects from rental regulations to zoning codes and use of space are handled by us.

Allihoop becomes your single, professionally managed tenant, with long leases come backed by financial guarantees. 

We Strongly Believe

that shared living is the future of urban real-estate.


And we're not alone, backing us on this journey are international investment firms Antler, Sting and Proptech Farm together with a best in class network of advisors and industry veterans.

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Run Community 


Making Your Asset Perform Better
Boosting value long term 

Establishing a collaborative and long-term partnership is the starting point of our business. 


We always aim to partner with innovate real estate owners / developers to co-create new co-living homes across urban districts. 

Office buildings by night


Major and second cities in the Nordic Region. We predominantly look for locations where academic hubs , startups, research and business with certain growth capacity is present. European cities are also interesting.


2000-9000 sqm We can design and operate at a variety of sizes of spaces. Best thing for you is to send us what you have and our analytics will send you an evaluation within 24h.

Lease Length

5-25 years. Our sweet spot is 15 years. However if we evaluate the case to be a long term opportunity we can look at shorter time frames. We also work with temporary planning permissions.

Lease Format

Operating within a wide range: 

- Sublet Contract 
- Master Lease 
- Management Contract (coming soon)
- Hybrid Lease 

Investing Together

We invest in the branding, marketing architectural design and all the interior furniture, you as a property owner receive detailed design information for the fit-out renovation of fixed elements. We guide you through the process and share all necessary key data.

Allihoop Qualifying Criteria 


10 - 30 min commuting distance from city centre is where we want to be. Locations with amenities and commercial access is favorable. 


Living Our Member Values 

Our residents are global network of ambitious, educated young professionals and expats on the move. All of them taking on the challenge of creating a new life in a new city. Together with our property partners, we create place for them that feel like home.


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