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PM Oct 18 2022

Allihoop opens next location in Stockholm - creating a new city-living experience for hundreds of global talents 

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The co-living creator Allihoop expands in south Stockholm with 5000 sqm hosting 130-160 new rooms located in Årsta. This time with a fast property transformation in close investment partnership with CapMan Real Estate. The parties have signed a 10-year lease, and the new location is planned to open in December 2022. 

In parallel, the external investor interest in Allihoop has resulted in several new names on the cap table. Among these are Johan Nordström, former CCO at Evolution Gaming and CEO of Evolution Malta, who takes on an advisory role of expansion and operational growth. 

Allihoop currently runs three co-living facilities in Stockholm with over 300 residents. By adding Årsta, Allihoop can help even more talents feel right at home within 10-25 minutes of the city centre. The new property is located a 10 min walk from the Årstaberg station where trains, buses and trams depart.


- Årsta has been on our radar for a long time as Stockholm south is a key access point for talents working around Stockholm.  CapMan was looking to innovate its portfolio within the organization. It was a match. We are thankful for this unique collaboration, hopefully this can send an even stronger signal on how we reuse the existing infrastructure by adapting to the new needs of our cities., says Milad Barosen, co-founder at Allihoop.


The new location will offer a variety of studio apartments in different sizes and features. To encourage a rich community and personal well-being a big investment has been made into modeling a large community-centric kitchen, flexible workspaces and facilities such as a gym, cinema and gaming room. A project cornerstone is giving the closest surrounding area a facelift.

- This project is the utmost design challenge. I mean, how do you turn 5000 sqm close to a highway roundabout into an attractive living experience?

We are rethinking all aspects of it to create a destination by reusing data from our growth and integrating technology and design. It’s one of many examples of how to work sustainably and I think the industry could do so much more"  discloses Isabella Lolli, architect at Allihoop.

Allihoop also brings in Johan Nordström as a new investor. Johan has a background in the gaming industry as CCO at Evolution Gaming and CEO of Evolution Malta.


-  Johan is a pure energy provider while being down to earth. Several investors from the gaming industry are now part of our cap-table, they seem to get us faster than the industry we are in. Johan's commercial background from a hyper growth environment will be a benefit to the product packaging and SOP standards, says Milad Barosen.

- Allihoop is transforming the housing market with its new take on flexible urban living in the right locations with quality and designs for the right price. The need for Allihoop’s offering is massive both in Sweden and abroad. We are building something unique and are at the beginning of a very exciting journey - a journey that I am very thrilled to be part of, says Johan Nordström. 

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If you have any questions, please contact:

Carolina Mistander, CMO, Allihoop,


Allihoop’s mission is to rethink traditional housing into a flexible way of living that brings us together. We create community-centric living spaces where driven young talents can feel right at home when starting something new. We call them Go-Getters. Our living subscription offers an all-inclusive service at the right price, in the right place and with the right crowd. Currently, we have three communities in Stockholm within 30 minutes from the city-center. We have housed more than 1000 talents from all over the world since 2020 and counting. Learn more about us at

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