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Summer accommodations in Stockholm

Are you looking for a truly social place to live in Stockholm over the summer where you don't need to compromise on your own privacy or peace of mind? Starting from only 250 SEK / night, we at Allihoop offer some of the best accommodations for the summer months!

The minimum stay period for all Studios is 28 nights

Latest move out date is 31-08-2024

Our Studios

We offer several options for short term stays at Allihoop, ranging from rooms in our bright and vibrant Spånga Stars buildings to more compact studio apartments for rent in our Bromma Friends location. Regardless of your needs, we have an option that suits you.


Studio Smart

Spånga Stars

A more compact and affordable option for those who appreciate sharing a house with a smaller community.  

 250 SEK / night

Årsta-studio (1)_edited.jpg



The most common Allihoop studio type, offering complete privacy with large common spaces available right outside of your door.

 350 SEK / night


Studio Max

Spånga Stars

A more classic style of studio apartment, allowing for completely private living. Includes a private bathroom, kitchenette, and balcony.

 340 SEK / night


Studio Plus

Bromma Friends

A larger version of our standard studio, which also includes a private kitchenette and a bed that fits 2 people.

 390 SEK / night

The Allihoop Community

At the core of the Allihoop concept is our community. Each person who joins, whether they are a relocating professional, a project worker, trainee or freelancer, gets access to what we know to be one of the most close-knit networks in all of Stockholm. 

Our three community pillars

Allihoop Community Team


The dedicated team members who use their previous experience and constant learnings to further develop Allihoop as a community centric living experience. 

Community Builders


Residents that work in collaboration with our Community Team to foster a sense of togetherness and maintain our community guidelines.

The Residents


Each Allihooper contributes their own interests and knowledge to the community, helping each other to grow and improve their stay together.

Why Choose Allihoop?

We can help find the best option for you!

If you feel uncertain of what type of studio would suit you best, or if you have any questions, you can always reach out through our email and we will happily help straighten out any question marks!

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