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Oct 13th 2021 - Allihoop partner up with Homr AI to enhance productivity with data-drivenreal estate


Oct 13th 2021- Allihoop partner up with Homr AI to enhance productivity with data-driven real estate development

Developing properties is often a manual process, resulting in solutions specific to each project. It is both time-consuming and challenging to scale. To increase efficiency, Allihoop has partnered up with Homr AI, making it possible to evaluate properties more quickly.

With the help of Homr's AI technology, Allihoop can promptly create digital housing modules optimized for customers' needs. The modules contain all technical and functional requirements and are elastic to adapt to the building's conditions automatically.


- Homr will make us faster in the process of transforming user data into physical space.

Essentially this ads a new layer of creativity, allowing higher number of design iterations and variations. With our joint processes, we can now reduce time by half when evaluating a request from a property owner. For Allihoop, it is critical to work with innovative solutions so we can keep pushing the boundaries in the journey of rethinking the way we live in cities" says Milad Barosen, at Allihoop.

- "We are at an early stage, and it feels great to cooperate with Allihoop and validate our technology. We use AI to learn patterns in existing solutions - then create digital and scalable modules that generate design proposals quickly. ” Per Ångquist at Homr AI


For more information, please contact:

Carolina Mistander, CMO Allihoop, +46 73 592 94 33,

Per Ångquist, CEO Homr AI, +46 70 555 20 15,

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