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Frequently asked questions

Yes is the answer to most questions

- as long as we respect our fellow go-getters.

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  • How long can I stay for?
    You can stay 3 - 12+ months depending on location and availability. The contract is extendable with several options for the length of notice period. "Summer Stays" are select studios which we offer with a minimum stay length of 28 days, which are available for a limited time.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, you pay a security deposit of one month's rent when signing the contract. The deposit is returned to you within 14 days after moving out if the contract terms are met, with reservations for delays in bank processing.
  • What about safety?
    Your safety is our greatest priority. We have rules and processes that ensure everyone is safe in and around our spaces.
  • Can I move in with my partner?
    Yes, we have large studios that are made to accommodate two people. We also allow two people to stay in certain of our smaller studios, but reserve the right to charge an additional monthly fee to cover additional maintenance and administration in these cases.
  • Can I register at the address?
    Yes, you can register your address at the tax office.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Yes, we can accommodate you both at Spånga Stars. Close to other pet lovers but on safe distance from any allergic neighbour.
  • Can I have guests?
    Yes, feel free to bring your friends or family over! We do ask that you let the community know in advance by posting in the "guests"-channel on the app to avoid any concerns about safety, and have your guests adhere to our community guidelines during their visit. Guests can also spend the night in your studio, though if they stay for longer (more than 7 days over a 30 day period), we ask that you also let the Allihoop team know.

General questions

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