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Sep 17th 2021 - Allihoop launches co-living at Brommaplan– 150 new homes in 100 days


The housing shortage in Stockholm is one of the city's main challenges for young people and companies recruiting international talents. At the same time, properties in Stockholm remain underutilized, partly as a result of the pandemic. In response, the co-living provider Allihoop has created housing for 150 young professionals in a property owned by JM, at the heart of Brommaplan.

By mid-October, worldwide talents are expected to move in at Allihoop’s co-living at Brommaplan. Allihoop's members are expats and young professionals relocating to Stockholm to work at companies such as Klarna, H&M and Amazon. The co-living concept is based on members being part of a community with access to a private studio and shared common areas. The membership includes furniture, cleaning, wifi and access to a professional network in Allihoop's app.
-"Together with JM we have created housing for 150 members in less than 100 days. It’s a result of Allihoop’s innovative process that increases value for both the member and real estate owner. The building is now utilized in a smarter way that enables a better living experience for the members. It is a unique concept that Stockholm has not seen before. A small addition to the city – but a big step for Allihoop's continued growth journey", says Milad Barosen, co-founder and CEO of Allihoop.
The fact that young talents cannot find housing in Stockholm affects the Swedish labor market and makes it difficult to attract qualified talents.
- "Currently, Swedish companies lose both competence and creativity as a result of the housing shortage. Young professionals choose not to move here, and many of those who relocate are not satisfied, resulting in a vast loss of competence that is often neglected. Us offering housing and a valuable professional network is an excellent start to solve both problems", says Carolina Mistander, co-founder and CMO at Allihoop.
Allihoop and the property owner JM have a lease agreement of approximately 5,000 sqm in Brommaplan, where the property has undergone a careful renovation during the past weeks. The building’s previous interior has been donated and replaced with Allihoop's modern and colorful interior design. In addition to space-optimised rooms, generous social areas and flexible workspaces, several attractive facilities such as a yoga- and wellness studio, a home movie theater and a picturesque courtyard where members can pick grapes.
- "The property has been underutilized by previous tenants for a long time. It is satisfying that Allihoop's co-living can make this place come alive again. We chose Allihoop as a partner as their ambitions and concept matches well with our plan for the property", concludes Peter Granberg at JM.

Read the announcement in Swedish here. 

For more information, please contact:

Milad Barosen, CEO & Co-founder, +46 73 779 21 72,

Carolina Mistander, CMO & Co-founder, +46 73 592 94 33,  

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